So you just got a tattoo and now you're wondering what to do (or not to do) to make sure your tattoo heals properly and lasts.

Directions for the proper care of your new tattoo:

chevron Bandage must be left on as long as directed (2-12 hours).

chevron Remove bandage and wash thouroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water.

chevron Pat dry with a clean towel. Do not re-bandage.

chevron Avoid soaking your tattoo for 2 weeks.

Do not use oil based moisturizing products on your healing tattoo.

chevron Do not scratch it, do not pick it, do not let your pets lick it!

chevron Cover your healing tattoo from sunlight and tanning beds for 4 weeks.

chevron After 4 weeks use sunblock to protect your tattoo.

chevron If you have any questions, call or email us.